Personalised Web Tiara. Ready for Halloween

Personalised web tiara, ideal for Halloween. Personalise your own tiara for your special occasion without breaking the bank

The cost includes one tiara created with your personalised colours and name or event title. To order, simply select a primary colour option for the tiara and a secondary colour for the text then enter the name or title in the box above. If you need this tiara in a child size then please message us so that we can make the necessary adjustments.
Contact us for a personalised party pack, buy 10 bands at just £6.00 per band, personalised! Let's get the party going.

Personalised Web Tiara. Ready for Halloween

Tiara Colour
Text Colour
  • Durability and safety are key factors, each tiara is printed using PLA, which is biodegradable and child safe. 

    The printing process for each tiara is carried out using extremely precise printing methods providing a print accuracy of (+-)0.1mm. Such accuracy will produce fine prints however each print is unique and may show inconsistent print markings. Such markings are akin to a finger prints, as with any inconsistencies found in any uniquely produced product.

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