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Disney Ears and Accessories

Load an SVG into Cricut Design Space on an iPad

My Push On ears have started to slip on the band.

Vacationeers utilises Polylactic Acid (PLA) which is a biodegradable and bioactive plastic derived from renewable organics, such as corn starch.

Whilst this helps our green footprint, reducing the amount of normal plastic, it can cause wear issues with use, and excessive heat.

In testing we placed six sets of ears (twelve ears in total) out in the Florida sunshine for two days, heat ranged from 76 to 89 degrees. The result was positive, impacting only one out of the twelve ears, causing it to loosen on the band and slip. In order to resolve this issue, we created our own ‘slip strips’, small thin lengths of card, inserted into the shoulder of the ear before placing it on the band. These strips were included with your ears and they do resolve the issue.

If you have run out of 'slip strips' then you can simply use a thin strip of writing/printer paper.

The design I'm looking for doesn't appear in your product list.

We are happy to consider any design request, please contact us using the link below

How do I fit a tiara?

Tiara fitting (according to Tatler). Put your thumb on the dimple of your chin and your index finger on the gap in between your eyebrows. Keeping that measurement, move your thumb up to where your finger was. Your index finger should now be touching the base of the tiara in your hair

How do I load my SVG craft file Silhouette and Cricut

Can I use my SVG in Brother CanvasWorkspace

I've downloaded the file but cannot see the SVG

ETSY Purchases Tracking Number

For international purchases made through Etsy where the tracking number give no useful information. Etsy advise that the tracking number for International Deliveries, is for Customs use only.
Apparently the parcel will get a differents tracking number when it leaves The UK but we won't be notified.

Why is my SVG so small when I load it?

Most SVG designs are created small to save space on your computer and to make uploads quicker. The beauty of SVG's is that you do not lose any detail, this is the 'Scalable' element of SVG's. You can make them a big or small as you want without losing detail. If, when you load an item, the item seems small, simply select the whole thing, and drag the bottom right corner of your selection until it reaches the size you want.

Why does my SVG load as a single object?

The purpose of grouping for most SVG designers is to make sure that the SVG objects retain their position when loaded into craft applications. Objects are grouped to make sure that they stay in their realtive positions. This makes it easier for customers to refer to a particular object, they can simply refer to an object by row and column. To get around this, you simply select the grouped object then click on UNGROUP on your craft application.

What is the difference between Stick On Ears, Push On Ears and Tie On Ears?

The 'Stick On Ears' have a wide tapered band, 1-inch 0r 2.5 centimetres at its widest point (the top), attached to the band are two dual lock strips. The 'wide band' ears have a matching strip, this allows you to simply snap the ears on and off the band.

The 'Push On Ears' come with two narrower bands, 3/10ths of an inch or one centimetre wide. The ears have a channel at their base allowing you to slip the ears on and off by pushing the band through the channel.

'Tie On Ears'. These ears come with long thin shoulders allowing you to securely attach them to your own band with glue and wrap material around the band to hide the glued attachment. To be perfectly hone, we have only sold one set of 'Tie On ears' but we have created lot a of them for charity events, such as running, because the runners can attach them to their preferred media. Stick on ears are our most popular sellers for continual wear around the parks etc.

Push on ears better suit our Instagram and TikTok customers who generally want to pop their ears on for the odd picture then store them away.

All ears come with a bag for storage.

Push On Ear Fitting
Fitting Push on Ears to the band