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Disney Ears and Accessories

Can I personalise my order.

Many of our ears and accessories are personalised but we are more than happy to consider your own personalisation on any of our products.

Several our customers have contacted us requesting specific designs, design changes, new colours and new product types. We have, so far, managed to meet each request..

If you do have a specific requirement then please contact us using the link below.

My Push On ears have started to slip on the band.

Vacationeers utilises Polylactic Acid (PLA) which is a biodegradable and bioactive plastic derived from renewable organics, such as corn starch.

Whilst this helps our green footprint, reducing the amount of normal plastic, it can cause wear issues with use, and excessive heat.

In testing we placed six sets of ears (twelve ears in total) out in the Florida sunshine for two days, heat ranged from 76 to 89 degrees. The result was positive, impacting only one out of the twelve ears, causing it to loosen on the band and slip. In order to resolve this issue, we created our own ‘slip strips’, small thin lengths of card, inserted into the shoulder of the ear before placing it on the band. These strips were included with your ears and they do resolve the issue.

If you have run out of 'slip strips' then you can simply use a thin strip of writing/printer paper.

The design I'm looking for doesn't appear in your product list.

We are happy to consider any design request, please contact us using the link below

Am I getting value for money

This would be my first question on anything that I buy :) Obviously, we think our products are value for money but let us take a minute to explain why, we will use one of our Classic style Tiaras in our example and see if you agree with us. A Classic Tiara can be purchased on our web site for £7.00. This is a personalised product, which is delivered to you free of charge in The UK, there is a small charge for International postage. We can break the cost of this product down into design, build package and posting. this cover around 80% of the £7.00 charge. But we are not quite there yet, maintenance, development, software, and online web site/advertising (Etsy/Wix) take a small chunk out of the remaining 20%. At Vacationeers, we keep our prices as low as we can. We do this for the love of doing it rather than making a profit, knowing that our products ship all over the world and they make people smile. The feedback and friends that we have made has been wonderful. So, we will keep on designing and producing in the hope that you will find something you like.

Push On Ear Fitting
Push On ear fitting
My Ears Are Slipping on the Band
My ears are slipping

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