Disney Style Ear Hanger Castle. Until the Next Time

Disney style ear hanger castle from Vacationeers. A special place for your ears until the next time that you need them. We all love our Disney vacation, the memories are ever present, hang your ears on your wall with this colourful hanger to enhance those colourful memories, until the next time.

The Disney ear rack is fitted using a single screw/nail and will handle both slim and wider bands.

As with all Vacationeers products, our Disney style ear holder is designed to be attractive, light and easily mounted. 

We are happy to take orders for your chosen colours at no extra cost. Special orders generally take ten working days to schedule and produce.

Disney Style Ear Hanger Castle. Until the Next Time

£9.00 Regular Price
£8.55Sale Price
Castle Colour
Scroll Colour
Text Colour
  • The printing process for each ear hanger is carried out using extremely precise printing methods providing a print accuracy of (+-)0.1mm. Such accuracy will produce fine prints however each print is unique and may show inconsistent print markings. Such markings are akin to a finger prints, as with any inconsistencies found in any uniquely produced product.