Disney ears you can change whenever you want.

Disney ears you can change whenever you wish, even when you're strolling around the parks. You can use thin material, paper, tissue, even foil, to add your own ear display. Bear in mind that rain will affect certain material, that said, you can use various spray materials to make tissue etc. waterproof.

We are offering two detachable ears, you can select the band colour using the option abve. We also provide a carry bag, two spare sticky strips so that you can use the ears with your own preferred ear band and one one-inch band

Feel free to contact us if you have any requirements that do not exist in the available options list above.

Disney ears you can change whenever you want.

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Ear Ring Colour
  • As with all Vacationeers Disney style ear bands, our product is designed to be attractive, light and portable. The ability to detach the ear from the band without magnets or Velcro, allows our customers to collect and re-use their ears in order to celebrate many and varied special occasions. 

    Push on ears are designed to fit on most 10x5mm hairbands, excluding bands covered in any material (linen, cotton etc) these do not facilitate the positioning and removal of the product. A quick search for 'Plastic Hair Headband 10 mm Plain No Teeth' on Amazon will give plenty of spare bands, at around £0.30p each.

    Brand new ear fittings will generally be a little stiff to 'position' onto the headband, this will ease as the internal spring wears in.

    Durability and safety are key factors, each ear is 3d printed in two parts; using PLA, which is biodegradable and child safe. Once printing is complete (around 6 hours), the front and back of each ear is bonded using PLA bonding. 

    The printing process for each ear is carried out using extremely precise printing methods providing a print accuracy of (+-)0.1mm. Such accuracy will produce fine prints however each print is unique and may show inconsistent print markings. Such markings are akin to a fingerprint, as with any inconsistencies found in any uniquely produced product.