Disney Cruise Line Door Decoration Porthole View  DOWNLOAD

Disney Cruise Line doors almost beg to be decorated, make yours stand out with this set of Porthole Views.

The set comes as a single zip file, download and extract the files. You will now be able to print these files on card, sheet paper or magnetic paper using your own printer. Sheet paper, glossy card and printable magnetic paper can be purchased cheaply from Amazon or local craft stores. Alternatively, local photo shops are generally happy to print them for you. We are happy to print and send them to you if you have no printing facilities, please feel free to contact us. There will be a small charge to cover materials and postage.

Cutting out the shapes can be fun; our fuzzy edges facilitate a more forgiving cutting experience. One useful tip is to print a set for each member of the family and identify your own cutting champion to cut the final print.

Once aboard ship, displaying your porthole decorations is the final piece in the puzzle, now your cabin is easy to find after and long day of Disney fun and don't be surprised if other guests stop to admire. Be aware that some suites and specialised rooms on Disney Cruise Lines may not have magnetic doors.

After the cruise, take your magnets home and decorate your fridge to remind you of your wonderful holiday.

Any questions, requests, then please feel free to contact us we are more than happy to help.

THIS IS A DIGITAL FILE that will be available to you after ordering. 

This is not a finished product sent to you in the mail. Please only order if you are looking for a digital file.

Disney Cruise Line have some very simple rules about displays on cabin doors, no sticky tape or other adhesive can be used, check with Disney Cruise Line for details.

Disney Cruise Line Door Decoration Porthole View DOWNLOAD

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