Digital Art Image Cube

Digital Art Image Cube


1. Place Your Order

2. Send your six images/messages to us along with your order reference.

3. Add any additional instructions, suggestions to personalise your cube.

4. Wait around 24 hours for us to email you your Rotating Image Cube


Simply purchase the product and send us six pictures and/or messages, one for each side of the cube, along with your order reference. We will position the pictures on the cube and build the animation.

Each side of the cube is square so we may; need to adjust your pictures to fit the cubes. If you want to place the pictures on the cube exactly as they are, then please let us know in your email.

This is a digital product, there is no physical element. You will receive the resulting video file by email, or we can post your video on the Vacationeers Designs YouTube channel so that you can view it whenever you wish. 

Don't worry, we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

We are happy to place the video file on a USB, Thumb drive and mail it to you but this will incur additional costs to cover purchase of a thumb drive, packaging, and postage.

If you want to place messages on the cube, please bear in mind that the longer the text, the smaller it will appear.

Digital Art Image Cube